Sunday, 16 May 2010

Patchwork Plans

hello, so, ok, it's a been another couple of months since my last post but don't worry preparing for my next home has not left my mind!

Someone kindly gave us a pile of patchwork and quilting magazines and I have been pouring over them and imagining what I would make and for whom!

My first projects would be for me and my bed as I am always annoyed by duvets that never stay put inside the duvet cover! Making a patchwork duvet with quilting to hold the wadding in place will solve that problem and so my first attempt will be a pretty shabby chic inspired light double duvet for my bed that will be able to travel with me to my new home!

As I have been browsing these magazines I have also been thinking about my hopes to become a foster parent and how I would be able to personalise a room for that child! Now I don't know if I will have 1 or 2 bedrooms and that/those rooms would be for a child of any age or sex! I can't have one room that is kitted as a nursery for a baby boy and then need it for a 7 year old girl!

So I was thinking of having a room in a neutral colour scheme and then change the accessories as required and one way of doing that is through the use of themed patchwork quilts and wallhangings in various craft techniques to fit in with the child I am currently caring for! Meanwhile although I haven't started making anything yet I am still dreaming and planning!

I hope you come back for another look soon (in say a month or so lol) and see if I have managed to start a project when I will be able to tell you not only what I am working on but also the costs and whether I am managing to keep to my aim of handmade, reuse and recycle!

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  1. oooh ... lovely projects ... I love patchwork :D