Saturday, 30 October 2010

We've Moved

Thanks for visiting Teri's Handmade Home but we have now moved! It's still exactly the same blog just updated at a slightly different address. This is so I could have all my blogs under the same email address so I don't have to keep signing in and out every time I wanted to post to a different blog!

So I hope you will pop over to and see what I'm up to in my bid to create beautiful items for my new home!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Shabby Chic Loveliness

So here I am again, just to prove that it’s not always months between posts! Yesterday I went to a little Summer Fayre at my Dads church! 

There was lots of really lovely things on the sewing stall and I couldn’t resist, I had to buy myself a sweet little shabby chic cushion! It was only £2 so a real bargain! 

It made me think about where I am going to keep things I make for my new home! I remembered I had a little white wicker chest with rose fabric lining upstairs. So when I got back I went and got it and bought it down to my bedroom! It is full already but only because it seems a sensible place to keep the projects I am working on. It looks very sweet sitting under my cream wrought iron shelf that has my jewellery hanging from it and as you can see the cushion already has pride of place on top! Doesn't it look lovely? I’m sure as I look at my little chest I will be reminded to get something out to work on while I am watching tv in the evenings! It’s making me all excited about the idea of creating a beautiful new home! 

I will be back again soon with another post as I find out pieces I have already made for my home and other things already in use that will be coming with me when I move! Thanks for visiting and see you soon! Teri xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Patchwork Plans

hello, so, ok, it's a been another couple of months since my last post but don't worry preparing for my next home has not left my mind!

Someone kindly gave us a pile of patchwork and quilting magazines and I have been pouring over them and imagining what I would make and for whom!

My first projects would be for me and my bed as I am always annoyed by duvets that never stay put inside the duvet cover! Making a patchwork duvet with quilting to hold the wadding in place will solve that problem and so my first attempt will be a pretty shabby chic inspired light double duvet for my bed that will be able to travel with me to my new home!

As I have been browsing these magazines I have also been thinking about my hopes to become a foster parent and how I would be able to personalise a room for that child! Now I don't know if I will have 1 or 2 bedrooms and that/those rooms would be for a child of any age or sex! I can't have one room that is kitted as a nursery for a baby boy and then need it for a 7 year old girl!

So I was thinking of having a room in a neutral colour scheme and then change the accessories as required and one way of doing that is through the use of themed patchwork quilts and wallhangings in various craft techniques to fit in with the child I am currently caring for! Meanwhile although I haven't started making anything yet I am still dreaming and planning!

I hope you come back for another look soon (in say a month or so lol) and see if I have managed to start a project when I will be able to tell you not only what I am working on but also the costs and whether I am managing to keep to my aim of handmade, reuse and recycle!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Plans for the Bathrooom

It's been a little while since my first post and I don't want you to think this is a good idea that's not going anywhere! It has in fact been in my thoughts more than often and I've been thinking about my bathroom a lot!

My inspiration for my bathroom is a piece of Laura Ashley wallpaper that I have had a sample of on my bedroom wall for several months now!

This is available to buy at Laura Ashley online store along with matching material! there is no way I could afford to paper my walls in it or buy material to make some curtains from so I intend to frame a couple of pieces of this paper in white wood frames to put on the wall! I have bought 1 white and 1 aqua hand towel from Asda for £4 which I intend to embroider as inspired by some towels I saw in BHS, which are unfortunately end of line, so I can't include a picture of them. However this Laura Ashley Throw is very similar.

So I went hunting for a suitable embroidery pattern so I could do my own towels rather than buying them ready made. I found just the thing on ebay but unfortunately I was outbid so I have bought myself and embroidery transfer pencil and I will trace sections of the wallpaper to make my design. When I have done that I will post it on here for you to see!

Another thing I have seen in Laura Ashley which I love for my bathroom is a small stand with a small birdcage on it which holds a tealight in cream wire. I will be on the lookout for a birdcage I can paint and add to my bathroom again in the spirit of Handmade, Reuse and Recycle!

I keep thinking of doing a mood board for all this and it may have to be a computerised version as getting samples of the frame and the towels would be quite hard!

So you might be wondering what is happening about the house! Well I am now on the waiting list but unfortunately I have got as many points as I hoped so not only am I low on the register but I have also picked areas that has a very low turnover of houses!! Well done me! But the locations were chosen for closeness to my family because of the health issues I have and the support I would need. I will have to trust God that he will provide me with the right house at the right time! I believe that he will and I will continue to prepare for my house and having lots of fun making those special items for my house and having the satisfaction of knowing I have done it all myself!

So there you go all the latest on Teri's Handmade Home! I hope to be able to show you some photo's of actual achievement soon.

Love Teri xxx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Teri's Homemade Home Launch!

Welcome to Teri's Homemade Home!

You might be thinking "that's a bit familiar! Didn't Kirstie Allsopp do that?" well you're right she did and now it is my turn! Now the strange thing is I don't have a home - yet! I am waiting to go on the local housing register in Lancaster and so my new home won't be a gorgeous 5 bedroom house like Kirstie's it will be a council house but I'm determined to make it a beautiful council house! The theme throughout will be vintage/shabby chic. I will be getting my furniture from so I will have no idea what it will look like but I will be painting it all so it all fit together. But the furniture will have to wait until I've got my home with the exception of the few items I have here to take with me like the old chest of drawers in my bedroom that needs sanding, painting and new handles!

You might be wondering what can I do without seeing the house and actually moving in but I could have a long wait for the house so I am planning ahead and will be making things for my house in advance! It won't be one room at a time but will be various projects from various rooms in no particular order. The first project I'm planning is something I haven't done since I was a little child - embroidery. I've seen some embroidered towels that are my inspiration and so I'm going to do my own! This is a brave action as I'm a little scared of it! I will keeping this blog throughout with before and after photo's and I hope it will inspire you to have a go too!

Before I finish my little intro I must just say Thank you to my friend Maria for designing my Blog Banner! She is one of the most talented, creative people I know!

So let the excitement and creativity begin!!