Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Plans for the Bathrooom

It's been a little while since my first post and I don't want you to think this is a good idea that's not going anywhere! It has in fact been in my thoughts more than often and I've been thinking about my bathroom a lot!

My inspiration for my bathroom is a piece of Laura Ashley wallpaper that I have had a sample of on my bedroom wall for several months now!

This is available to buy at Laura Ashley online store along with matching material! there is no way I could afford to paper my walls in it or buy material to make some curtains from so I intend to frame a couple of pieces of this paper in white wood frames to put on the wall! I have bought 1 white and 1 aqua hand towel from Asda for £4 which I intend to embroider as inspired by some towels I saw in BHS, which are unfortunately end of line, so I can't include a picture of them. However this Laura Ashley Throw is very similar.

So I went hunting for a suitable embroidery pattern so I could do my own towels rather than buying them ready made. I found just the thing on ebay but unfortunately I was outbid so I have bought myself and embroidery transfer pencil and I will trace sections of the wallpaper to make my design. When I have done that I will post it on here for you to see!

Another thing I have seen in Laura Ashley which I love for my bathroom is a small stand with a small birdcage on it which holds a tealight in cream wire. I will be on the lookout for a birdcage I can paint and add to my bathroom again in the spirit of Handmade, Reuse and Recycle!

I keep thinking of doing a mood board for all this and it may have to be a computerised version as getting samples of the frame and the towels would be quite hard!

So you might be wondering what is happening about the house! Well I am now on the waiting list but unfortunately I have got as many points as I hoped so not only am I low on the register but I have also picked areas that has a very low turnover of houses!! Well done me! But the locations were chosen for closeness to my family because of the health issues I have and the support I would need. I will have to trust God that he will provide me with the right house at the right time! I believe that he will and I will continue to prepare for my house and having lots of fun making those special items for my house and having the satisfaction of knowing I have done it all myself!

So there you go all the latest on Teri's Handmade Home! I hope to be able to show you some photo's of actual achievement soon.

Love Teri xxx


  1. sounds like its going to look beautiful!

    Maria xx